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  • Keeya, a leading factory and trusted supplier, specializes in the production of cutting-edge control boxes. With a commitment to innovation and precision engineering, our factory excels in crafting these advanced control solutions designed to meet the evolving needs of various industries.

  • A voltage transformer is an instrument transformer that is connected in parallel. Their design purpose is to provide negligible loads to the supply being measured, and to have precise voltage ratios and phase relationships to achieve precise secondary connection metering.

  • High Voltage Fuse DIN Current Limiting Fuse XRNT 63A HRC Fuse IEC60282 12KV 24KV 36kv HRC fuse (high rupturing capacity fuse) is one kind of fuse, where the fuse wire carries a short circuit current in a set period. If the fault occurs in the circuit then it blows off. The HRC fuse is made with glass otherwise some other kind of chemical compound.

  • LZZBJ9-12 current transformer is a cast type 10kV-12kV current transformer, belonging to the pillar type dry type current transformer. It is suitable for indoor installation and can be used as a measuring and measuring current transformer. This webpage mainly introduces the transformation ratio, wiring diagram, parameters, magnification, and model meaning of LZZBJ9-12 current transformer. The current ratio (transformation ratio) is: 5-50/5, 1; 75-200/5, 1; 300-600/5, 1; 800-2500/5, 1; Accuracy level: 0.2 (S), 0.5, 10P15; The working voltage is 12kV;

  • Russian type composite switch KEEYA, a distinguished manufacturer based in China, specializes in the production of cutting-edge Indoor High Voltage composite Switches. With a state-of-the-art factory, KEEYA has established itself as a leading player in the electrical equipment industry. Their expertise and commitment to excellence ensure that their load switches meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. KEEYA collaborates with reputable suppliers to source top-notch components, guaranteeing the exceptional performance of their products.

  • Keeya stands out as a trusted supplier in the realm of Prefabricated Box Substations. Renowned for their commitment to quality and innovation, Keeya provides cutting-edge solutions in electrical infrastructure. Keeya's expertise ensures that their Prefabricated Box Substations meet the highest standards, providing a robust and dependable solution for power distribution needs.

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