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Voltage Transformer

JDZX18-10R1 voltage transformer is a single-phase indoor fully enclosed epoxy resin casting product, used for voltage and energy measurement and relay protection in AC systems with a rated frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz and a maximum voltage of 12kV or below. Equipped with fuse protection and residual voltage winding.


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Product Description

Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China

Brand Name:KEEYA

Model Number:JDZX18-6,10R

Coil Number:2

Usage:Measurement ,Protection

Coil Structure:copper

Rated capacity10-35kv


Frequency:50/60 Hz


Material:Epoxy Resin

MOQ:1 Piece

Product name:Mutual inductor

Type:High tension

Winding Material:copper

Advantage:High Quanlity

Usage conditions of JDZX18-10R1 voltage transformer:

1. The altitude does not exceed 3000 meters;

2. The ambient temperature should not exceed+40C and not be lower than -5 degrees Celsius

3. The relative humidity of the surrounding air shall not exceed 85% (20 degrees);

4. Meet the II pollution level;

5. There is no corrosive gas in the installation site

6. Rated insulation level: JDZ10-6 type 7.2/32/60kV, JDZ10-10 type 12/42/75kV

A voltage transformer is a transformer with an iron core. It mainly consists of primary and secondary coils, iron core, and insulation. When a voltage U1 is applied to a primary winding, a magnetic flux is generated in the iron core φ, According to the law of electromagnetic induction, a secondary voltage U2 is generated in the secondary winding. Changing the number of turns of the primary or secondary winding can generate different primary and secondary voltage ratios, which can form voltage transformers with different ratios. A voltage transformer proportionally converts high voltage into low voltage, i.e. 100V. The primary side of the voltage transformer is connected to the primary system, and the secondary side is connected to measuring instruments, relay protection, etc; Mainly electromagnetic (capacitive voltage transformers are widely used), there are also non electromagnetic types such as electronic and optoelectronic.

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