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  • Keeya stands as a leading manufacturer in the electrical industry, delivering cost-effective solutions such as the Box Type Fixed Metal-enclosed Swithchgear. Known for our commitment to quality at a low price, Keeya's switchgear is meticulously engineered for reliability and efficiency in power distribution systems.

  • As a leading provider in China, Keeya specializes in delivering customized solutions for advanced electrical infrastructure, exemplified by their KYN28-12KV Switchgear. This cutting-edge switchgear reflects Keeya's commitment to innovation and tailored solutions in the power distribution sector.

  • Keeya, a reputable manufacturer in the electrical industry, proudly presents the KYN28-24KV Switchgear—a high-quality solution designed for optimal power distribution. Our commitment to cost-effectiveness is evident in the competitive pricing of this switchgear.

  • As a leading manufacturer based in China, Keeya proudly introduces the Armored Removable AC Metal-Enclosed Switchgear—a customizable solution that combines cutting-edge technology with affordability. At Keeya, we understand the importance of tailored solutions, and our commitment to customization is exemplified in the design of this switchgear.

  • Keeya, a distinguished wholesale supplier, specializes in providing customized Air Circuit Breakers tailored to meet a diverse range of industry needs. These critical components play a pivotal role in electrical systems, ensuring the safe and reliable interruption of abnormal currents.

  • Keeya, a distinguished manufacturers and factory based in China, stands at the forefront of producing high quality Miniature Circuit Breakers. These vital electrical components provide reliable protection by swiftly interrupting abnormal currents, ensuring safety for both equipment and individuals.

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