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  • The F10 series auxiliary switches are mainly used as opening and closing signal control and interlocking protection contacts in the control circuits of various high-voltage circuit breakers and high-voltage isolation switch operating mechanisms. They can also be used as transfer switches and combination switches. It has been widely used in secondary circuits of vacuum circuit breakers, load switches, and spring operated mechanisms such as VS1 (ZN63), ZN12, 3AF, ZN65, FZN25, CT19, CT19, CTD, etc.

  • The switch is suitable for controlling the secondary circuits such as closing, opening, switch locking and signal circuits of various high-voltage switch operating mechanisms.

  • Accurate energy measurement, current measurement, and protection of power distribution lines, transformers, and electrical equipment in the power system

  • JSZV18-10 and 6R voltage transformers are suitable for use in AC power systems with a rated frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz and a rated voltage of 3-10kV for energy metering, voltage monitoring, and relay protection.

  • Keeya, a leading factory and trusted supplier, specializes in the production of cutting-edge control boxes. With a commitment to innovation and precision engineering, our factory excels in crafting these advanced control solutions designed to meet the evolving needs of various industries.

  • A voltage transformer is an instrument transformer that is connected in parallel. Their design purpose is to provide negligible loads to the supply being measured, and to have precise voltage ratios and phase relationships to achieve precise secondary connection metering.

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