XL-21 Low Voltage Distribution and Control Cabinet
  • XL-21 Low Voltage Distribution and Control CabinetXL-21 Low Voltage Distribution and Control Cabinet

XL-21 Low Voltage Distribution and Control Cabinet

As leading suppliers, Keeya takes pride in offering exceptional solutions for power distribution with their XL-21 Low Voltage Distribution and Control Cabinets. Renowned for their commitment to high quality, Keeya ensures that each cabinet meets stringent standards, providing reliable and efficient control over low voltage systems. With a focus on precision engineering, Keeya's products stand as a testament to their dedication to excellence in the field of electrical distribution, making them a trusted choice for those seeking top-tier solutions for their control cabinet needs.

Model: XL-21

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Product Description

Keeya, recognized as top-tier suppliers, excels in delivering high quality XL-21 Low Voltage Distribution and Control Cabinets, ensuring unparalleled precision and reliability in power distribution systems.

The new XL-21 power box is widely used in power plants and industrial and mining enterprises. It is used for power or lighting distribution in below 500V three-phase AC with three-phase three-wire,three-phase four-wire, three-phase five-wire etc of power distribution systems, such as Indoor installation against the wall, operation in front of the screen, and maintenance in front of the screen; the box body is a fully enclosed structure, assembled by C-shaped or 8MF-shaped materials. A new type of rotary load solating switch is used in the box, which can be operated with load. The front door is equipped with voltage and current indicating instruments, as well as signal lights, buttons, change over switches and other master components. The distribution box adopts self- designed new components, compact structure, beautiful appearance, convenient maintenance, and a variety of wiring solutions for users to choose. It is an ideal product to replace the old XL-21 power box.

Use environment

● Ambient temperature: -5℃~+40℃,and the average temperature within 24h does not exceed +35℃ . 

● Altitude: not more than 2000m.

● Relative humidity: no more than 50% when the ambient air temperature is +40 ℃; higher relative humidity can be possible at lower temperatures (for example:90%at+20℃), taking into account the allowable temperature changes Produce moderate condensation.

● When the equipment is installed,the inclination from the vertical plane should not exceed 5°.

● The equipment should be installed in a place where there is no severe vibration,impact and corrosion.

Note: If you exceed the above conditions, you can consult with our company.

Technical parameter

Series No.





Rated voltage of main circuit




Rated voltage of auxiliary circuit




Rated frequency




Rated insulation voltage




Rated current


≤ 800A

XL-21 New power box series

Precautions for installation,acceptance and commissioning

After the product arrives,first check whether the packaging is intact and undamaged.If any problem is found,please notify the relevant departmentto Pnd out the cause.For products that are not installed immediately,they should be placed in an appropriate place according to the normal service conditions.

● The basic channel steel and bolts for product installation are prepared by the user,and the connection hole between the basic channel steel and the cabinet body (see Figure 1)

● After the product is installed,do inspections and tests before putting it into operation

● Check whether the cabinet body is peeled off the multi-layer paint film,and whether the cabinet is dry and clean;

● Whether the on-off of main electrical appliances and auxiliary contacts are reliable and accurate;

● Whether the selection and wiring principle of the main components conform to the schematic drawing;

● Use a 500V megohmmeter with an insulation value of not less than 1M2. When measuring,pay attention to disconnect the wiring of the electronic components that cannot withstand the voltage.

● Precautions for use

After the low-voltage air circuit breaker is switched on and off for many times, it will cause some burns of the main contacts and generate carbon materials so as to increase the contact resistance. The universal low-voltage air circuit breaker should be maintained and repaired regularly according to the requirements of its operating instructions.


800(600) optional 500(400) optional 650(450) 450(350) 1800(1600) optional

● All models of the product (including the main circuit solution number and the auxiliary circuit plan number

● The main circuit system diagram,the cabinet layout diagram.

● The electrical schematic diagram of the auxiliary circuit.

● List of components for the cabinet (main bus specifications).

● The color of the cabinet (if not required,it is supplied in beige gray)and the size of the cabinet.Other special requirements that are inconsistent with the normal service conditions of the product.

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