KYN28-24KV Switchgear
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KYN28-24KV Switchgear

Keeya, a reputable manufacturer in the electrical industry, proudly presents the KYN28-24KV Switchgear—a high-quality solution designed for optimal power distribution. Our commitment to cost-effectiveness is evident in the competitive pricing of this switchgear.

Model: KYN28-24KV

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Product Description

As manufacturers, Keeya prioritizes delivering top-notch products at a low price, ensuring that our clients benefit from both quality and affordability. The KYN28-24KV Switchgear stands as a testament to our dedication to providing cost-effective solutions without compromising on performance, making it a preferred choice for those seeking reliable and budget-friendly switchgear options in diverse applications.

This product meets the following standards: GB3906-20063.6-40.5KV AC Metal-enclosed Switchgear and Controlgear*, GB/T11022 Common Technical Requirements for High Voltage Switchgear and Controlgear', IEC62271200 AC Metal-enclosed Switchgear and Controlgear with rated voltage above 1kv and below 52’, DL/T404 ‘Ordering Technical Conditions for Indoor AC High Voltage Switchgear'.


Armored Removable AC Metal-enclosed Switchgear

Model and meaning

Service condition

Ambient air temperature: maximum temperature 40℃, minimum temperature -15℃;

● Relative humidity: daily mean not more than 95%, daily mean vapor pressure not more than 2.2kPa, monthly mean not more than 90%, monthly mean vapor pressure not more than 1.8kPa;

● Altitude: 1000m and below;

Earthquake intensity: not more than 8 degrees;

● The surrounding air should be free from corrosive or ßammable gases,water vapor and other obvious pollution;

● There is no frequent violent vibration;

For use in excess of the normal environmental conditions specified in GB3906,it should be negotiated between the user and the manufacturer.

Technical parameter




Rated voltage



Rated frequency



Rated current of circuit breaker



Rated current of switch cabinet



Rated dynamic current(4s)



Rated steady current(peak)



Rated short circuit breaking current



Rated short circuit making current



1 min power frequency withstand voltage




Across isolating distance



 Lightning impulse

withstand voltage(peak)




Across isolating distance



Protection level

IP4X for enclosure, IP2X for isolating room and circuit breaker room open

Note:short-circuit capacity of CT should be considered separately.


Armored Removable AC Metal-enclosed Switchgear

Product structural feature

Switchgear structure (see Figure 1).

Completely metal armored,assembled structure,wide combination solution.

● The cabinet body is made of imported aluminum and zinc coated thin steel plate,processed by MINGE machine tool,adopting advanced multi-edge folding technology,connected with rivet nuts and high-strength bolts,with high precision,lightweight,high strength and strong versatility of parts.

● lt can be equipped with VS1-24 series or imported VD4 series vacuum circuit breaker,with wide applicabiity,high reliability and long maintenance free years.

● The handcart is equipped with working and testing positions,and each position is equipped with positioning and display devices, which is safe and reliable.

● All kinds of handcarts can be changed according to modular building blocks,ensuring that handcart of the same specipcation can be freely interchangeable,and handcart of different specipcations can never enter.

● Ground switch installation mode

a.Installed in the middle part of the cabinet (front-mounted type)for convenience of double-sided maintenance of the cabinet.

b.Installed at the back of the cabinet (rear type)to save space against the wall.

● Current transformer installation method:

a.Installed in the front of cable room at the back of cabinet.

b.Hoisted at the bottom of large bending plate.

● Up to 9 single-core cables can be installed in the cable room.

● Each high pressure room has a pressure relief channel to ensure personal safety.

● Highly reliable interlocking device fully meets the safety requirements of "five-prevention".

● The handcart is transported by special truck,which is light and ßexible in operation.

● The front and back doors are equipped with observation windows,which can easily observe the working status of indoor components.


Armored Removable AC Metal-enclosed Switchgear

Switch cabinet outline size


A. Bus room

B. Circuit breaker handcart room

C. Cable room

D. Relay instrument room

1. Enclosure

2. Branch bus

3. Bus bushing

4. Main bus

5. Fixed contact

6. Fixed contact box

7. Current transformer

8. Ground switch

9. Cable

10. Arrester

11. Grounding main bus

12. Assembled partition plate

13. Partition plate(valve)

14. Secondary plug

15. Circuit breaker handcart

16. Heating device

17. Removable type horizontal partition plate

18. Ground switch operating mechansim

19. Base plate

20.Pressure relief device

21. Control conductor groove

Ordering instruction

● Main circuit solution drawing number,purpose and single-line system drawing,rated voltage,rated current,rated short-circuit breaking current,distribution room layout and switchgear arrangement and conPguration drawing,etc.

● Switchgear control,measurement and protection function requirements and other locking and automatic device requirements.

● Model,speciPcation and quantity of major electrical components in switchgear.

● lf bustray connection is required between switchgear or incoming line cabinet, specipc requirements such as rated carrying capacity of bustray,span of bustray and height from ground shall be provided.

● Switchgear used in special environmental conditions should be specified when ordering.

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