High Voltage Shunt Capacitor Installation
  • High Voltage Shunt Capacitor InstallationHigh Voltage Shunt Capacitor Installation

High Voltage Shunt Capacitor Installation

In the realm of electrical infrastructure, Keeya, based in China, stands at the forefront with its expertise in High Voltage Shunt Capacitor Installation. Tailoring solutions to meet specific client needs, Keeya exemplifies its commitment to customized and durable installations.

Model: TBB

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Product Description

Keeya, a distinguished factory and trusted supplier, specializes in providing cutting-edge solutions for High Voltage Shunt Capacitor Installation. With a commitment to innovation and precision engineering, our factory excels in crafting advanced capacitor installations designed to enhance power quality and efficiency in high-voltage systems.

Keeya's proficiency in delivering personalized High Voltage Shunt Capacitor Installation solutions ensures the seamless integration of high voltage shunt capacitors into diverse electrical systems. Renowned for their durable construction, these installations showcase Keeya's dedication to longevity and reliability in the face of varying operational demands. Keeya's emphasis on customization and durability positions them as a trusted partner in advancing the resilience and performance of high voltage electrical networks.

The TBB series high voltage parallel capacitor device (hereinafter referred to as the device) is suitable for AC 50HZ and III 10KV power series.

Main technical data

● The rated working voltage is 10kV,and it can operate for a long time under 1.1 times of the rated voltage;

● When the root mean square value does not exceed 1.3Un,the installation can operate continuously at rated frequency,rated sinusoidal voltage and current without transition state;

● The installation has over-current,over-voltage,under voltage and other protections for system faults;

● For the protection of the internal fault of the capacitor,in addition to the fuse protection for a single set,the installation also has different relay protection according to the different main wiring forms;

● The design and processing of the installation shall comply with GB50227-1995 Code for design of installation of shunt capacitor and JB711-1993 High-voltage shunt capacitor installations

Structure introduction

TBB high-voltage shunt capacitor installation

The structure of the installation is classified into cabinet type and assembly type.The assembly type can also be classified into chip type and full disassembly type.The cabinet structure shall be installed in the factory first,then the components shall be removed, numbered,transported to the site,and assembled according to the drawing.From an indoor perspective,the chip type is mainly convenient for handling.The fully assembly type is usually used outdoors,which is mainly convenient for hot galvanizing. This device is mainly composed of reactor cabinet,discharge cabinet and capacitor cabinet.

● Reactor cabinet

The reactor cabinet is mainly used to limit closing inrush current and suppress harmonic.When limiting the closing inrush current, reactor XL=(0.1~1)%XC;when more than 5 harmonics are suppressed,XL=(5~6)%XC;when more than 3 harmonics are suppressed, XL=(12~13)%XC.

● Discharge cabinet

The discharge cabinet is mainly composed of discharge coil or voltage transformer,zinc oxide arrester and grounding disconnector.The discharge coil is connected to the capacitor bank in parallel.When the capacitor bank is disconnected from the power supply,its discharge performance will reduce the residual voltage on the capacitor bank from the peak value of the rated voltage to below 50V within 5s. Zinc oxide surge arresters are used to limit switching over voltage caused by switching capacitor banks.The grounding disconnector is used for grounding the bus during power outage maintenance.The above configuration can be adjusted according to user requirements.If the line connection mode is double star,the capacitor cabinet should be double row or double layer structure,and the current transformer should be additionally installed in the cabinet.

● Capacitor cabinet

The capacitor cabinet is mainly composed of fuse and capacitor.When the internal breakdown of the capacitor reaches 50%~70%, the fuse will blow,and the fault capacitor will be separated from the power circuit,preventing the expansion of the accident.

● Assembling shunt capacitor installation

This installation is mainly used to combine the assembling capacitor,discharge coil,lightning arrester and grounding switch and electric reactor.Assembling capacitor is to install a proper number of single capacitors with internal fuses in a box full of insulation. The box is equipped with pressure relief valve and temperature controller with alarm and tripping contacts.The installation has the advantages of small Boor area,simple installation,convenient operation and maintenance,etc.

Capacitor installation layout

TBB high-voltage shunt capacitor installation

1. 6 -embedded #10 channel steel and hooks with opening downward;

2. 4 embedded steel plates and hooks;

3. Concrete strrup;

4. Embedded steel plate and hook;

5. Embedded steel plates and hooks are uniformly distributed on the circumference.

Primary line solution

The typical primary circuit solution of the installation is shown in Figure 1,where the grounding switch is installed according to user requirements. During installation,it shall be placed in the discharge cabinet,and the cabinet depth shall be changed to 1200mm.

Ordering instruction

● System capacity (kVA)and main wiring solution,system load and working mode;

● Harmonic number,each harmonic voltage and harmonic current content (the manufacturer can measure on behalf of the user);

● System power factor,power factor after compensation and total compensation capacity (the manufacturer can design on behalf of the user);

● Plan of installation site,installation mode,installation inlet and outlet mode;

● Cabinet size and color requirements.

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