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Precautions for installation and operation of box-type substation


Installation and operational precautions for box type substations are crucial to ensure their effectiveness and safety. Here are key considerations:

Shell Door Configuration:

The shell door of the box-type substation should open outward.

Handles, dark latches, and locks on the door should be rust-proof.

Ventilation and Temperature Control:

Prioritize natural ventilation in the transformer room.

Install temperature monitoring devices to manage the temperature within the box.

Implement self-starting ventilation cooling devices as needed to maintain optimal conditions for the transformer under various environmental circumstances.

Transformer Accessibility:

Ensure that the transformer is accessible from the top or side door of the box.

Noise Control:

The noise level within the box substation should not exceed the specified transformer noise level.


Whether using metal or non-metal materials for the case shell, ensure that the metal frame is well grounded.

Include grounding terminals and visibly mark them with grounding symbols.

Surroundings and Air Circulation:

Avoid any illegal piles around the box-type substation.

Ensure that the transformer room door is not blocked.

Regularly clear attachments on shutter vent holes to maintain proper air circulation.

Prevent the accumulation of debris around the substation.

Low-Voltage Circuit Breaker Trip:

Before testing, thoroughly check the cause of the low-voltage circuit breaker trip.

If a fault is not successfully addressed, investigate and eliminate the root cause before restoring power to prevent further complications.

Zinc Oxide Arrester Installation:

Install zinc oxide arresters in the high voltage distribution room in a manner that facilitates testing, disassembly, and replacement.

Elevated Placement:

Place the box type substation on a higher platform to avoid rainwater pouring into the box and disrupting equipment operation.

Foundation Considerations:

When casting a concrete platform, create gaps at high and low-pressure sides for convenient cable inlet and outlet line laying.

During foundation excavation, replace garbage or potting soil with solid soil, and compact it before filling with a stable mixture or slag.

Adhering to these precautions ensures the proper functioning and longevity of the box type substation while promoting safety during installation and operation.

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