220KV and Below Modular Intelligent Prefabricated Substations
  • 220KV and Below Modular Intelligent Prefabricated Substations220KV and Below Modular Intelligent Prefabricated Substations

220KV and Below Modular Intelligent Prefabricated Substations

Keeya stands out as a prominent supplier in the realm of power infrastructure, offering cutting-edge solutions with a focus on 220KV and below modular intelligent prefabricated substations. Renowned for their expertise and commitment to innovation, Keeya delivers high-quality, reliable products that cater to the evolving needs of the energy sector. As suppliers, Keeya plays a crucial role in advancing the efficiency and intelligence of power distribution systems, contributing to the seamless integration of 220KV and below substations in diverse environments.

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Product Description

Keeya is a leading supplier of modular intelligent prefabricated substations, specializing in solutions for 220KV and Below Modular Intelligent Prefabricated Substations.

Prefabricated cabinet is an outdoor intelligent substation based on the core concept of "standard distribution". The adoption of prefabricated cabinet structure has become an important measure for the construction of primary equipment carrier of intelligent substation. Compared with the acceleration of the construction of smart grid, the speed of substation construction has relatively lagged behind. In order to speed up the construction cycle of intelligent substation, State Grid Corporation of China has proposed the construction mode of standard distribution substation The solution of "standardized design, factory processing and assembly construction"realizes the rapid promotion and application of intelligent substation (prefabricated cabinet).

Prefabricated cabinet is an important embodiment of the new technology, new materials and new equipment applied in intelligent substations. It is composed of prefabricated cabinet, secondary equipment panel (or rack), cabinet auxiliary facilities, etc. It completes fabrication, assembly, wiring, commissioning and other tasks in the factory, and is transported to project site as a whole, which is located on the installation foundation.

The prefabricated cabinet and its internal secondary equipment realize the integration of the whole set of secondary equipment by the manufacturer, realize factory processing, reduce on-site secondary wiring, reduce design, construction, commissioning and workload, simplify maintenance, shorten the construction period, and effectively support the rapid construction of the power grid. The prefabricated cabinet has the technical characteristics of standardization, modularization and prefabrication. The manufacturer can customize specific dimensions according to the actual needs of the equipment cabinet to adapt to the normal operation of the equipment.

Standardization means that the size of the prefabricated cabinet shall refer to the size of the standard container and be properly improved, so as to make it perfect and conform to the standard of equipment, and to make it reach the corresponding standardization in order to facilitate the normal operation of equipment more effectively;

Modularization means that the prefabricated cabinet is classified into public equipment prefabricated cabinet, interval equipment prefabricated cabinet, AC/DC power prefabricated cabinet, battery prefabricated cabinet and other modules according to the different functions of internal equipment. According to different voltage levels, different modular prefabricated cabinets can be divided into several sub modules;

Prefabrication means that the cabinet structure, internal equipment installation, wiring between internal equipment, cables and optical cables between internal equipment of the prefabricated cabinet are all processed by factory prefabrication. And the installation, wiring and commissioning of all equipment are completed in the factory. The prefabricated cabinet and its internal equipment are transported to the substation site as a whole, and the positioning and power on are completed to improve the on-site construction efficiency and achieve the goal of reducing the construction cycle of intelligent substation!

220KV and Below Modular Intelligent Prefabricated Substations features

220kV and below modular intelligent prefabricated substations

220kV and below modular intelligent prefabricated cabinet type substation is a new generation of intelligent substation promoted by the State Grid, which has the advantages of safety and reliability, small Boor area, short construction period, small and beautiful appearance, long service life, no radiation, low noise, Bexible layout, etc.

The main transformer adopts safe, reliable, low-noise, leak free and core-free high-quality products;the whole station is free of exposed conductors and exposed electrical equipment. With good shell protection, the risk of accidental electric shock is eliminated;the compact layout of the whole substation reduces the floor area and height by more than 30% compared with the civil substation, reducing the urban space occupation rate;the design concept of building block modularization is adopted for all equipment in the substation, and the factory production and assembly construction are realized for each module. The on-site civil engineering workload is reduced by more than 70%compared with the conventional civil substation, and the equipment installation workload is reduced by more than 80%;there is no need to dose the road for equipment mobilization, and there is no dust and noise pollution during construction;the shell can realize full station color painting, integrate urban thematic culture, improve the harmony of urban planning, and integrate with the surrounding environment;the transformer is placed in the prefabricated cabinet, through firewall technology, sound barrier technology and electromagnetic shielding technology, it can reduce the noise of the substation to less than 40 decibels, meet the requirements of urban environmental assessment, and eliminate the noise pollution of surrounding residential areas;because of the modularization of the substation, it can be Bexibly arranged according to the terrain of the substation site, fully solving the problems of land acquisition, construction and landing of substations in urban centers, which is a new mode of substation construction.

Fast - 3 months of factory production cycle, 1 month of on-site construction cycle.

Small - small area, 30%-70%smaller than that of conventional substation construction

Precise - the shell adopts the internationally advanced six anti-corrosion processes, which is free of rust for 30 years and has a service life of 60 years. Main electrical equipment adopts maintenance free equipment, which is safe and reliable, with excellent processing technology and exquisite appearance design.

Saving - standardized design, factory processing, and assembly type construction save 5%-10%of the comprehensive investment of the whole substation. The compact layout of the substation adopts advanced complete system integration technology, saving 30%- 70%of land resources.

Flexible - building block modular structure can be adopted according to the different geographical location of the substation, or it can be built by stages according to current and future planning of the current period;it is convenient to move, it can be moved to another place as a whole in the shortest time.

Range of application

The products can not only be used in urban central areas to solve the problem of difficult landing of conventional substations, but also widely used in coal, oil and other traditional energy industries as well as photovoltaic, wind power and other new energy industries. At the same time, with its "building block modular"design, production and transportation assembly mode, it is particularly suitable for suburban, remote mountain areas and other places where road transportation is inconvenient.

Operating environment conditions

All equipment in the cabinet shall be moisture-proof equipment, and the prefabricated cabinet shall have dehumidification function.

Altitude: <1000m

Annual average temperature: 23℃

Extreme maximum temperature: 39. 9℃

Extreme minimum temperature: -8. 6℃

Average annual rainfall: 1300

Average annual evaporation: /

Annual maximum snow thickness: /

Annual average relative humidity (%): ≤75

Annual maximum frozen soil depth: ≤0. 5m

Annual sunshine hours: /

Annual average thunderstorm days (d): 37. 6

Annual average gale days (d): /

Pollution level: IV

Maximum wind speed: 25. 3m/s

Basic seismic intensity: VI

Installation position: outdoor

The structure of the prefabricated chamber

1. The interior space and structure of the prefabricated cabinet are composed of secondary equipment, air conditioning, lighting, Pre fighting, security, image and other equipment. At the same time, it is also necessary to meet the work requirements of equipment operation and maintenance personnel. The interior of the cabinet needs to be overhauled. The decoration materials are fire and water resistant materials. Thermal insulation materials can be added between the decoration materials and bulkheads to block sunlight and ensure the thermal insulation function of the box, the lighting and air conditioning in the cabinet can be realized in different ways according to the needs. In order to save effectively, industrial air conditioning and exhaust system are installed in the cabinet, which can adjust the operating environment in the cabinet in real time;as unattended mode is adopted at present, security, image, image monitoring and fire alarm systems must be installed in the cabinet;the wiring arrangement can be properly arranged according to the normal operation of the equipment.

2. Prefabricated cabinet type GIS composite apparatus and prefabricated cabinet type substation. Prefabricated cabinet GIS composite apparatuses include prefabricated boxes, incoming and outgoing line intervals and sectionalized measurement and protection intervals, and incoming and outgoing line intervals include incoming line intervals and main transformer intervals;incoming line interval includes incoming line cable terminal, disconnector I, disconnector.

3. Transformer I and circuit breaker l: main transformer interval includes outgoing cable terminal and disconnector lll;the sectionalized measurement and protection interval includes a bus coupler sectionalized interval and two measurement and protection intervals. The bus couple sectionalized interval includes circuit breaker ll, transformer ll and two disconnectors IV, and the measurement and protection interval includes transformer lll and disconnector V connected together;sectionalized measurement and protection intervals are set between two adjacent groups of incoming and outgoing line intervals. The incoming and outgoing line intervals, sectionalized measurement and protection intervals and buses form a linear structure. The incoming and outgoing line intervals, sectionalized measurement and protection intervals and buses are located in the prefabricated box. The prefabricated secondary combined equipment cabinet is composed of cabinet body, secondary equipment, air conditioning, lighting, fire fighting, security, image and other equipment. All equipment in the cabinet are connected and debugged in the factory, and transported to the site as a whole or 2~3 units.

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